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Retired AAS Director of Book Publishing

A Young Reader’s Appreciation for Johnny Tremain

Tremain 1998

Editor’s note: In a twist that follows up on Jackie Penny’s account of reading pre-1900 fiction to her children, retired AAS director of book publication Caroline F. Sloat turned to her ten-year-old grandson for an enthusiastic recommendation of Esther Forbes’s Johnny Tremain. Our bags were packed and we were ready to leave for the airport ...

What’s in a Seal?, or A Seal for the Antiquarian

The Society has published two new books in this, its bicentennial year. The works are completely different and from the hands of different authors and designers, both of whom incorporated the Society’s seal on the back cover. With all this extra attention to this device, Abby Hutchinson, who edits the Society’s newsletter, Almanac, concluded that ...

Audubon at the American Antiquarian Society

The record-breaking price for a double elephant folio edition of John James Audubon's Birds of America in London on December 9, 2010, prompts the question: Does the Society own a copy. The short answer is no — not the double elephant folio edition — but the story is more interesting than that. Indeed, AAS ...