Henry Joslin January 4th, 1862

Poolesville Jan. 4th, 1862


I have received the last letter you wrote also the aprons and cake which was a very acceptable new year’s present.  I also received the same night a turkey and a peril [?] of pickles I suppose from Mr. Cookes folks as they were done up in a paper with his name on.  I have written him to thanking him for them.  We commenced baking to issue bread every day instead of every other day on new years day it toke [sic] nearly 800 loaves per day.  It is no easy job for three of us (one hand is in the hospital with [?]) to do the work it takes us from sunrise till after dark to do it.

J.P. Taylor of our Co. was returned to us by the rebels today he has been in the hospital at Louisburg since the fight two others came with him one from L.B. and one of the California reg’t.

Our reg’t has to do picket duty just the same as we have ever since we have been here.  Cos. A and H[?] now at the river the next will be B. and E. if we are still here Probably I shall not have to go if we are still baking.  I have got so that I mix and mould same and am getting to be quite the baker.  I don’t know how long this fighting trade is going to continue but hope not long I would like to get home but do not want to come until the comp’y returns for good which I hope will be before another winter comes on.  We had a little snow this morning not but a little though.  I did not write to night because I had any new to write but because I was writing and thought I would let you know that I had got the things and let you know that I was well and having a good time.  Give my respect to all who may enquire and accept

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