Civil War Letter II

Poolsville, Oct. 20th, 1861


Your letter found me in P.  I was on guard the night that I got it.  I had just been to supper and gone to bed.  I slept on a carpenter’s bench being on guard on the street.  We have to guard the town as well as our camp.  You said that [?] body was going to be sent home and I got a letter from Rufus last night that said it was to get here tuesday [sic] and I read in the Boston Journal all about the ceremonies that were to take place at the Church while at the same time I knew that it laid all the while in the churchyard in Poolesville.  I don’t see how you get so much ahead of the time in your news.  Mr. Marshall was commissioned by Franks father to see to it and if he thought he was buried in a good place to let him remain and if not to move him to such a place as he saw fit.  I suppose that before you get this you will have received the money that I sent you ($5.00) it will pass I suppose just as well as any if you don’t want to use it yourself I should like to have you buy and send me each week the American Union it will cost 4 cts and postage or 5 cts in all.  I suppose that your patriotic principles wont prevent your sending them being only story papers.  Curtis had a letter from his folks the other day part was for me.  There is a travelling dagueritype [sic] saloon here and I got a picture the other day which I sent to her.  You asked about the hospitals we have had two tents for that purpose about thirty feet long and wide enough for two beds with a passage in the center at the foot of them.  They are of stout canvass with a fly or cover over them.  They also had good board floors.  There was also a tent of the same size used for the medicines and hospital stores.  But there has been built two wooden buildings for hospitals close by also a third for a kitchen for the hospital cooks.  They was built by men detailed from this regiment.  Our ovens are done but have not got dried enough for use yet.  I was over to the store the other day when they opened a barrel of cod-fish the folks crowded round to see them as though it was a sea serpent or other great curiosity they thought they was dern great fish.  They never saw any before.  I am glad the house is fixed up and hope the loft will be before long.  I get a letter once in a while from some of the boys but I don’t get any more than I can read just as well as not.  That box has not got here yet (sunday) but we expect it soon.  I can buy a good pair of woolen shirts for 3.00 don’t you think that will be as cheap as to have you get the stuff and make them and have to send them here and run the risk of getting them.  I am mess man and the boys want their dinner so I must close here to tend to them.  Write soon.

From you son


Oct. 22nd

We have had a battle and met with a terrible loss.  The Reg’t is indeed cut to pieces.  Thank God I am alive and unhurt.  Henry Sheldon asks me tell his sister he is not hurt.  [?] Marshall is safe also.  I can’t write more now.

Yours in haste


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