2017 Annual Report Now Available

We’re always looking forward to the next exciting thing happening here at the Society (especially with a soon-to-be-completed building addition in the works!). But as archivists and historians we also know how important it is to take a look back. This past year’s annual report serves to remind us how strong our core functions have remained, even as we look to the future. Fellowships, seminars, public programs, acquisitions, digital projects—all are integral to fulfilling our mission and will serve as the strong base for all of our future plans.

As much as we love reliving the record of the year, we also enjoy a little fun, which is why we’ve included lots of beautiful images (those watch papers!) and some word games from the collections. Some of the rebuses on the back cover—pulled from each of the Society’s collecting areas—had us stumped. See if you have better luck!

You can view the entire issue here.


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Kayla Haveles

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