Join AAS This Summer On a Social Media Road Trip

You might want to pick up one of these “drummer’s valises,” advertised here by the U.S. Tea Co. circa 1883. They even give you some great ideas about what to pack – don’t forget your tooth powder and whiskey!

For many people, Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. As we antiquarians here at AAS began thinking about summer in the collections, we started to imagine how wonderful it might be to go on a road trip and visit every state represented in our collections—that’s all fifty, of course!

Since the feasibility of a national road trip seems a bit out of reach, we decided to quell our wanderlust in another way. Beginning on June 18 using #AASroadtrip, our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds will take you on a journey through the collections and the United States, highlighting items from one state every week day. To up the nerd factor just a tad further, we’ve decided to post in the order that each state entered the Union. We’ll be looking at you first, Delaware!

Road trips always bring some surprises, and this one will be no different. Perhaps you’ll run into Davy Crockett on your way south or hook up with a dogsled team around the northern border. Games are necessary entertainment on any road trip, and don’t forget to record your trip with photos, poems, and watercolors.

So grab your device and antiquarian curiosity and tune into #AASroadtrip starting June 18!

It’s also always handy to have some traveler’s checks on hand, like the ones advertised here by American Express in 1893.

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