C-SPAN’s profile of Worcester is now available online!

The C-SPAN crew filming AAS President Ellen Dunlap.
The C-SPAN crew filming AAS President Ellen Dunlap.

Periodically, C-SPAN2 Book TV and C-SPAN3 American History TV profile regional American cities through a series they call C-SPAN Cities Tour. Working with their local cable partners, special C-SPAN production crews explore the literary life and history of these cities by interviewing local historians, librarians, authors, and civic leaders. Last Autumn C-SPAN visited Worcester and then broadcast nationally the programs they created during the weekend of December 19 and 20, 2015. These segments are now available for viewing on their website.

In addition to showcasing Worcester, the American Antiquarian Society was featured on both channels. For C-SPAN Book TV the crew created a segment on the Society that featured our president Ellen Dunlap, our librarian and curator of manuscripts, Thomas Knoles, and the Society’s curator of books, Elizabeth Pope. Each of these individuals shared treasures from the AAS collections, many with important connections to Worcester, while also describing the history and mission of the organization. C-SPAN Book TV also created another segment about AAS’s digitization initiatives and our growing involvement with the field of digital humanities. This segment featured Molly O’Hagan Hardy, the Society’s digital humanities curator, as well as various staff from Readex/ Microprint Corporation, one of our digital partners.

C-SPAN screenshotAdditionally, C-SPAN 3 American History TV profiled various local stories with connections to national history, including a segment on the role the region played in starting the American Revolution that featured AAS Director of Outreach Jim Moran. AAS materials relating to the abolition of slavery and the early women’s rights movement were also featured in a segment on Abby Kelley Foster.

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