How to get Red Sox tickets and help AAS acquisitions at the same time!

baseball player (2)“Fenway is the essence of baseball.”  – Tom Seaver
“I see great things in baseball.”  – Walt Whitman

It is April and once again it is a fresh, new season of baseball.  The sports pages are full of box scores and statistics.  Bars are filled with people arguing over batting orders and when pitchers should have been yanked.  Fans are sitting in living rooms staring at their large-screen TVs filled with images of Fenway Park and the Green Monster dreaming they were at the game.

That dream can become your reality.

On May 3rd, the American Antiquarian Society will hold its ninth annual Adopt-A-Book fundraiser.

As part of the event, thanks to a generous donor we will be auctioning off two pairs of tickets to Red Sox games.  Not just any tickets.  VIP Red Sox tickets! The games are:

Saturday evening, July 23, Red Sox vs. Twins
Sunday afternoon, July 24,  Red Sox vs. Twins.

These EMC Club luxury box tickets include reserved parking on Brookline Ave. next to Fenway, luxury seating both inside and out, and full service amenities.  Each pair is valued at $400.

There will be separate bidding on each pair.  If for some reason you can’t attend the May 3rd event, you can e-mail a bid beforehand.  Send an e-mail to Vincent Golden ( and let him know which pair you would like to bid on and your maximum bid by May 2nd.  The highest bidder for each pair will be represented by a proxy the night of the event.

Remember.  Bidding is ninety percent mental, the other half is sending us your bid.

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