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  1. I live in the house Archibald Douglas lived in from 1836-1871. He was the Justice of the peace and treasurer for Sterling for 26 years and lived in Robert Dixon’s famous tavern, where the first votuntown /Sterling town meetings were held in 1794. There are countless papers of his at the Ct. Historical Society. I was not aware of Nathan Pike. I am now. Will look for any pertaining to him. I don’t think he ever taught obstetrics at Yale!?! Assuming another Archibald….

    1. I took a look in “The Student, Teacher and Trustee Database” on American Antiquarian Society site and discovered one entry for Nathan Staples Pike. He taught “Medical Examiner.”

      Searched for Person with Last Name: Pike AND
      Searched for Person with First Name: Nathan AND
      Searched for Person with Middle Name: s*

      Showing results 1 to 1 out of 1

      1. Pike, Nathan S., M.D. (Teacher, Medical Examiner, Physician) New Haven, Connecticut

      Yale College. Catalogue of the officers and students in Yale College, 1856–57. (New Haven, 1856) Page 8.

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