Vimmin and politics!

Penny Yankee Doodle  (New York, NY).  November 2, 1850.

465696_0001This is one of a number of illustrated humor newspapers and periodicals that appeared in the 1840s and 1850s.  The editor says they are not an imitation of Punch from England, but, “I am myself alone – the original Genius of American Humor.”  There are the usual advertisements for various cures and comic publications.  There are a variety of humorous articles, including a poem on “Vimmins Right” that makes fun of Abby Kelley Foster.  One of the best pieces is a note to political candidates that they can be bought:

For a Forged Document                               $100.00
For a Lie circumstantial or direct                $25.00
For a Libel, well seasoned,                           $50.00
For a Speech, you never made,                  $75.00
For my interest with my party, the Laughing Philosophers, a very numerous and powerful body, my charge is                             $1000.00

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