The Acquisitions Table: The Fanwood Chronicle

Fanwood Chronicle (New York, NY). Dec. 1864. Vol. 1, no. 2.

FanwoodThis periodical was published by the New York Institution for the Deaf and Dumb. One of the goals of the institution was to train its students in a vocation. In 1864 it acquired enough materials to establish a print shop for its students. The publisher was H. Ward Smith, who practiced printing the previous summer working in the office of the Orleans American (NY). The Fanwood Chronicle contains institutional news, news about the Civil War, including Sherman’s march to Atlanta, poetry, and the tragic story of a former student of the institution murdering his father. The 46th annual report for this institution in 1865 included the following: “I have nothing new to report in the Mechanical Department …except that some of the pupils of High Class, having a small printing office, have started a little monthly paper, The Fanwood Chronicle, which I hope we may be able to continue and enlarge. Such a paper I consider a valuable auxiliary to the labors of our teachers, especially in the incitement it offers to habits of reading. Many of our pupils will make through this little paper the discovery that they can derive pleasure and profit from independent reading, and will be encouraged to preserve in the practice.” This is a very scarce newspaper. The only other institution that has copies is the Gallaudet University Library which has two issues from 1865.

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