The Acquisitions Table: Elliot Cowdin Letterpress Copy Book

Cowdin, Elliot.  Letterpress Copy Book, 1861-1869.

CowdinElliot C. Cowdin (1819-1880) was a well-known merchant in New York.  As a young man he was greatly involved with the Mercantile Library Association, where he learned much about his trade.  Later in life he became involved in politics, especially during the Civil War.  This letterpress copy book contains copies of letters he wrote primarily during his politically active time, from 1861-1869.  Included are letters addressed to Charles Sumner, Salmon P. Chase, and Abraham Lincoln.  He traveled to Europe frequently for business, especially to Paris, which is where he wrote a letter to Abraham Lincoln at the outbreak of the Civil War 1861 assuring overseas Americans’ support – “Rest assured, Sir, that our citizens abroad feel deeply grateful to you for the energetic manner in which you are prosecuting the war, and will stand by you to the end.”

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