The Acquisitions Table: Constitution and By-Laws of the Hook & Ladder Company

Constitution and By-Laws of the Hook & Ladder Company, No. 1, Cleveland. Cleveland: Rice & Penniman, 1836.
Rice & Penniman were known to be printing in Cleveland, Ohio, in the mid-1830s, but this particular pamphlet is evidently entirely unrecorded. The Constitution for this firefighting company defines the duties of the Officers, who are headed by the Foreman. The bylaws decree that “the uniform of this company shall be a felt hat painted with the initials and number of the company, and a leather belt.” There is a 50 cents reward for “that member who shall first appear at the deposit of the hook and ladders having on his uniform.” And, “It shall be the duty of those who are engaged in the transportation of the hooks and ladder to a fire while on their way to call out at intervals the name and number of their company.”

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