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Instagram AASEver wonder what goes on behind the scenes at AAS, or what our programs and events look like? We recently set up an Instagram account as a way to promote interest in the collections and resources at the Society as well as to let people know about events and activities.  Our digital photographer Cade Overton first began posting images that he found compelling. Since then, numerous staff members have been posting to the account and we now have images of events, collections materials, readers, classes, and other goings on.  Cade recently posted a photo of a class from Holy Cross working in the reading room and as he did so, one of the students posted a photo on their Instagram of Cade photographing them!  Catalogers and curators will be posting images of new material as it is acquired or cataloged, and pictures of events will be posted soon after they take place. This week, for example, Nan Wolverton, director of CHAViC, and I will be traveling to Bordeaux, France, to hold a conference on French and American lithography before 1860 at the Musée Goupil.  Both Nan and I will be Instagramming during the event, and posting images for you to enjoy.

So please, come follow us on Instagram (at “americanantiquarian”) and join us for all of the activity going on at AAS (and in France!).

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Lauren Hewes

Andrew W. Mellon Curator of Graphic Arts, American Antiquarian Society

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