Adopt-a-Book 2013: Romney and Obama, 1844 style

On Friday, April 5th from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., the American Antiquarian Society will be hosting our 6th Annual Adopt-A-Book event. This event is an important fundraiser for the curatorial team at the Society, and monies raised will go towards future acquisitions of books, prints, newspapers, manuscripts, and children’s literature. Below are examples of two items that have been put up for adoption by Curator of Newspapers, Vince Golden:

Clay Tribune (New York, NY). May 4, 1844.
Sober Second Thought for the Presidential Campaign of 1844 (New York, NY). Oct. 5, 1844.

Adopt me for $100 each (Or the entire file of issues for $1,000 each)

During elections in the nineteenth century it was quite common for campaign newspapers to be published supporting a specific candidate or party.  These ephemeral publications were short-lived and are often difficult to locate today.  The Clay Tribune supported the Whig Party and the Sober Second Thought for the Presidential Campaign of 1844 supported the Democratic Party.  Both were published in New York during the election of 1844, and they often go toe-to-toe on the issues.  The usual exaggerated political discourse surrounding issues of the day (Texas annexation, growing conflicts with Mexico) is parsed out with reprinted speeches and often vicious negative propaganda against the other side.

Remember, you can browse the entire catalog of the 100 items that make up the 2013 Adopt-A-Book list. Fifty additional items will be available for adoption that evening only. As a bonus, if you pre-adopt, entrance to the evening on April 5th is free!

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