National Nurses Week – a Trip in the Archive

March 2013 cover of AJN: The American Journal of NursingThe March 2013 issue of AJN: The American Journal of Nursing featured on its cover a well-known AAS collection item – A Map of the Open country of a Woman’s Heart by “A Lady” published by Kellogg c. 1833–1842. Throughout the month of April, we received queries about this image from nurses around the country.

We enjoyed talking and working with them so much, that in observance of this year’s National Nurses Week, we compiled additional items to showcase the history of nursing. Celebrated last week to coincide with the birthday of the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), these items – culled from the AAS archive – represent the print culture of nursing from Nightingale through 1876 which is the end of the Society’s collecting period.

To the celebrated nurses – thank you again for all that you do, and we hope you had a well-earned National Nursing Week.

Click the image above to see the history of nursing collection items.

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