The Acquisitions Table: Writings of Omaha

Writings of Omaha. Chicago: S. S. Jones, Publisher, Religio-Philosophical Journal Office, 1869.
Describing the nature of reality, electricity, and the spirit realm in 61 numbered paragraphs, this overview of Spiritualist theory is also an apparently unrecorded Ante-Fire Chicago imprint. The 26-page pamphlet in its original printed green wrappers was issued by the central figure in Chicago Spiritualist publishing, Stevens Sanborn Jones (1813-1877). Jones edited and published the leading Chicago Spiritualist journal, the Religio-Philosophical Journal. He lost everything in the fire of 1871 (which no doubt accounts for the scarcity of this title) but managed to keep the journal afloat before he was murdered in his office in 1877. Jones was shot in the head by a jealous husband, a phrenologist named William C. Pike, who “if the daily papers may be believed, boasted that his knowledge as such enabled him to select that particular point at which to place his pistol.” (See Emma Hardin Britten, Nineteenth Century Miracles, 1884).

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