The Acquisitions Table: Norwich Fire Insurance Co.

Norwich Fire Insurance Co. New York: Hatch & Co., 1863-1865.
This color lithograph for a Connecticut insurance company features a city view surrounded by international flags and the names of local directors with interests in the firm. The sheet was printed by Hatch & Co. in New York, who advertised that they could produce: “Portraits landscapes, labels & show cards, and every description of color work. Bonds, certificates of stock, checks insurance policies, diplomas, note & letter heads, executed in the best style.” The view of Norwich is taken across the river from the west and aligns closely with an 1849 lithograph produced by Sarony & Major based on a painting by Fitz Henry Lane, with added steam-powered vessels plying the water. The print was probably produced as a promotional image, intended for display in the company’s office or in the offices of the individual directors.

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