When I Say AAS You Think…Chocolate?

The AAS commemorative chocolate coins. On one side is AAS's seal, and on the other is the logo with 200 in between the pillars.

Each year at the Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair, AAS has a booth on Cultural Row (booths given to local libraries to promote themselves).  When regular visitors to the fair walk by our booth, they usually think one thing.  Chocolate!  Early on we had a dish with small candy bars or other chocolate confectionery delights for those stopping by the booth and soon AAS developed a reputation as a destination for candy lovers.  With the Fair occurring so soon after Halloween, we always have our pick of a variety of mouth-watering delectables to entice those who give in to temptation.

Since this is our bicentennial year we decided to do something special.  Stop by our booth this weekend (November 16-18) and sample the AAS commemorative 200th birthday chocolate coin!  It comes in two varieties; silver foil for milk chocolate and gold foil for dark Belgian chocolate.  Then you have to decide whether to keep the coin intact or rip it open and devour the interior.  Life is full of choices.

In addition you can meet the curators at the booth.  The curators for graphic arts and newspapers will be at the booth on Friday, November 16.  The curators for books, manuscripts, and children’s books will be at the booth Saturday afternoon, November 17.

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Vincent Golden

Curator of Newspapers and Periodicals, American Antiquarian Society

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