Children’s books today, Adopt-a-Book event tomorrow!

We hope to see you in the library in person tomorrow, Tuesday, April 3, at 6 p.m.  AAS’s 5th annual Adopt-a-Book event will be an evening of food, drinks, original collection materials, and curatorial knowledge-sharing (although some of the preceeding are going to be kept separate from each other). You can browse the 2012 Adopt-A-Book Catalog to view the 150 items up for adoption ahead of time, but also remember 50 new items will be available that night.

Here are a few items from our children’s literature collection that may not yet have found the right adoptive parent (no guarantees, though, because they’re going fast!).

Adopt me for $500

Grandmamma Easy’s Toy Shop. Albany: Richard H. Pease, ca. 1847-1852.

This folio picture book gives us a rare glimpse into the “Temple of Fancy” operated by picture book publisher Richard Pease. On display are all kinds of toys then in common use, including toy soldiers, kites, masks, and a grand dray “with horses and harness complete.”
~Laura Wasowicz

100. SNAKE!
Adopt me for $25

The Brazen Serpent. Philadelphia: American Sunday-School Union, ca. 1857-1860.

This story about faith is told as a conversation between a mother and her daughter about how Moses (in obedience to God) made a brazen serpent and ordered those bitten by the snakes to look upon the statue in order to be cured.
~Laura Wasowicz

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