The Acquisitions Table: A Cheap Primer for the Blind

A Cheap Primer for the Blind.  Louisville, Ky.: American Printing House for the Blind, 1874.

This primer is printed in large oblong format with raised-letter type known as Boston line.  AAS has some thirty titles printed in Boston line; about half of which were actually published for the blind, as opposed to providing samples of the raised text for the seeing public, making this primer quite a find.

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Laura Wasowicz

Curator of Children's Literature, American Antiquarian Society

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  1. I recently acquired an original copy of an 1880 electro-typed raised text book entitled “Twelve Popular Tales” selected by Henry Cabot Lodge printed by the Howe Memorial Press for the Perkins Institution and Mass. School for the Blind. Are you aware of anyone who might be interested in purchasing it for their collection?

    Thank you,

    Elizabeth Tamayo

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