The Acquisitions Table: Plea for the Oppressed and Enslaved

Plea for the Oppressed and Enslaved (Austinburg, OH).  Feb. 3, 1847.  Vol. 1, no. 3.

This title was mentioned in a county history in 1878, but no copy could be located in any library or historical society.  The content was mostly written by Betsey Mix Cowles and Abby Kelley Foster and was published by Jane Elizabeth Hitchcock using funds raised by the Ashtabula County Female Anti-Slavery Society.  One of its main goals was to  repeal Ohio black laws that discriminated against the free African-Americans of the state.  Plea for the Oppressed began in Dec. 1846 and appeared monthly.  Our particular copy was found by the dealer in one of his foraging trips in Ohio between book fairs.

Published by

Vincent Golden

Curator of Newspapers and Periodicals, American Antiquarian Society

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