The Acquisitions Table: Leicester Academy List of Students

Leicester Academy, List of Students, 1812-1817.

Leicester Academy was founded in 1784 in Leicester, Massachusetts, and functioned as a private, co-educational institution until 1921, when it was leased to the town to be used as a public high school.  This volume, containing a list of students, will be added to the already substantial collection of school records at AAS dating from the school’s founding through 1963.  The volume shows enrollment at the school from 1812 though 1817, and is separated into sections for the  English School and Latin School.  The students’ names as well as their home towns are included.  Prominent Worcester families can be seen throughout the volume, the first page boasting the name of future AAS President Stephen Salisbury II, who was enrolled in the Latin School in 1812.  

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