The Acquisitions Table: Funeral Honors to the Memory of La Fayette

Arrangements for paying funeral honors to the memory of La Fayette, on Tuesday, July 15, in the city of Hudson. Hudson, NY: P. Dean Carrique, 1834.

When the Marquis de Lafayette died on May 20, 1834, Americans—who still closely identified the French general with the success of the American Revolutionary War—marked the occasion with solemn speeches, parades, sermons, commemorative prints and pamphlets. This broadside, issued less than two months after Lafayette’s death, announces an upcoming procession in Hudson, NY (population about 5,400). The parade included militia, cavalry, firemen, politicians, and Revolutionary War veterans. A decade earlier, during his much-celebrated 1824 visit to the United States, Lafayette stopped in Hudson on his way to Albany, and was greeted, according to the local papers, with “a reception the most heartfelt and joyous ever bestowed upon man.”

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