The Lyceum Comes to AAS

Ever wonder if you were born in the wrong century?

If so, imagine it is still those halcyon early days when AAS was a new institution. A time when lyceums were considered viable forms of entertainment. When you could subscribe to attend a series of lectures on a topic and feel your brain expand with useful knowledge.

If this exercise of the historical imagination sounds appealing, then check this out:

You may remember an earlier post when we first mentioned this conference, but now the time is upon us. This Friday and Saturday, Sept. 23 & 24, AAS will be hosting “The Cosmopolitan Lyceum: Globalism and Lecture Culture in Nineteenth-Century America,” presented in conjunction with Oxford University. 

All the details are available on the conference website, including a provisional schedule and abstracts of some of the conference papers to be presented. The registration fee for this event is $50, which includes coffee, lunch on both days, and a Friday evening drinks reception (register online).

Please consider joining us this weekend for what promises to be a fascinating interdisciplinary research symposium — or, if you will, a lyceum experience of its own.

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