Adopt-a-Book 2011, Part 6: An Update

Today our series of blog posts continues with an update on the Society’s Adopt-a-Book event, which will be held at 6pm on Tuesday, March 29, 2011. All of the items pictured in this post are still up for adoption (as of this morning).

#154: Image from a nautical tale

Those of you who follow the blog know that we have been focusing on adoptable “orphans” for the last two weeks, trying to highlight this important fund-raising effort. The response has been wonderful! Several of the objects that we have discussed here on the blog have already been adopted. The Billy Holmes songster, the Oriental Tea Cup advertising broadside, two of the Green Family photographs, and The Little Nightcap Letters children’s book have all found supporters! Thank you! Thank you!

#35: French lithograph for the New York market

Each year, the Society opens up the Adopt-a-Book catalog for online viewing and adopting about two weeks before the gala event and this year, as in other years, we have been very pleased about the response we have had to this pre-event posting. As of yesterday, seventy-four of the 176 items have been adopted via the online catalog! This includes examples from every category including books, children’s books, manuscripts, newspapers & periodicals, and graphic arts. Many of the “adopters” are repeat participants in the event and had been waiting for access to the catalog in order to select their favorite pieces. To these long-term supporters, we offer our hearty thanks and gratitude.

#145: Newspaper from a Gold Rush town

However, do not despair if you have not yet made your adoption(s)! There are still over one hundred objects in the catalog waiting for your support, including a newspaper from a California Gold Rush town, several texts relating to science, a New Hampshire woman’s diary, French lithographs sold in the United States, and a rare and curious work of nautical fiction. And for those of you who prefer to wait for the actual Adopt-a-Book event to make your selections, new for this year the curators at the Society will be pulling material together for March 29th that will be exclusive to that evening. These are objects that were “too new” to be included in the catalog but they are needy orphans, just the same. There will be material from each department, including children’s books, prints, newspapers, books, and manuscripts.

#152: A New Hampshire woman's diary

The catalog of all 176 items that are up for adoption this year will remain online. There you will find information about the events planned for the evening, as well as details about tickets, etc. Follow the directions for “How to Adopt” which are found in the sidebar to the right at the top of the page. This year we have added an option for online payment as well. And remember, you don’t have to wait until March 29th to adopt (but if you do – we will have exclusive objects pulled just for that night for your to consider!!).

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