The Acquisitions Table: The Life of George Washington the Soldier

Regnier, Auguste (after a painting by Junius Brutus Stearns). The life of George Washington the soldier. New York & Paris: Goupil & Co., 1854. Printed by Lemercier, Paris.

This print is one of four in a set depicting the life George Washington—the other prints include renditions of Washington as a citizen, a farmer, and a Christian. AAS has held the other three lithographs for several years (two were given by Jay Last in 2001), and this purchase completes the set. Because the prints have a transatlantic imprint and were sold in New York and Paris, they also serve to illustrate the continued work that Georgia Barnhill and I are doing (with support from the Florence Gould Foundation) on the relationship between French and American lithography. As an additional bonus, the print arrived in time for a recent fellow to use for his research on images of the first presidents. Purchased from the Old Print Shop, New York. Print Acquisitions Fund and Florence Gould Foundation Grant.

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