The Acquisitions Table: Sophia May Tuckerman Letters

Tuckerman, Sophia May. Letters, 1841-1857.

Sophia May (1784-1870) was the daughter of Col. John May (whose jaunty portrait in military uniform hangs in the AAS reading room) and his wife Abigail, who was also his cousin. Sophia May married Edward Tuckerman (1775-1843). AAS has a business letterbook of Edward Tuckerman’s firm of Tuckerman and Rogers. Among their children was the botanist Edward Tuckerman (1817-1886), a large collection of whose correspondence is at AAS. Sophia May Tuckerman travelled abroad extensively and these letters were written during her travels. The earliest are from 1841, but most date to the period between 1849 and 1857, after Edward’s death. They are addressed to her children and other family members. We are always particularly happy to add manuscript material to the collections that is closely related to material already here. Gift of Thomas S. Michie.

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  1. Hi, Tom,
    Under the “Historical Background and Summary” tab in the catalog record for Sophia May, I notice that she is not identified as the wife of Edward Tuckerman, nor is the record linked to any Tuckerman entries. Wouldn’t that be helpful for a researcher investigating her?

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