The Acquisitions Table: Donation Book of the Oakland Female Institute

Young Ladies Library and Literary Association of Oakland Female Institute. Donation Book, 1853-1855.

The Oakland Female Institute was opened in Norristown, PA in 1845. By 1853 the Institute had 186 students and a library of “over 500 volumes of standard value—all trashy literature being contraband,” as an 1853 circular states. The school closed in 1880. This fairly elaborately bound volume, with a binder’s ticket for W.G. Perry & Erety in Philadelphia, lists donations both in cash and books in the period 1853-1855. There are only four pages of entries, suggesting either that the association was short-lived or that its members lost interest in record-keeping. Purchased from DeWolfe & Wood. Harry G. Stoddard Memorial Fund.

Published by

Tom Knoles

Marcus A. McCorison Librarian and Curator of Manuscripts

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  1. My great-great grandmother, Fannie W. May, graduated from there in 1853. Are there any records anywhere to be found? I’m having a hard time trying to trace her ancestry and all I have is a medal from this institution with her engraved name and date. Thank you for your help!

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