The Aquisitions Table: Amateur Newspapers

Two titles were recently added to AAS’s collection of Amateur Newspapers.

  • The Orb. Portland, ME. 1838. 3 issues. Adopted by Jo Radner.
  • The Liliputian. Canajoharie, NY. 1876, 1877. 22 issues.

Amateur newspapers were printed usually by teenagers, and more for the pleasure and experience rather than profit. The Orb (recently “adopted” by Jo Radner during AAS’s Adopt-a-Book event) is particularly interesting because of its early date. The editor had to find either the full-size equipment or a print shop to produce the newspaper. The Liliputian, in contrast, was published in the heyday of amateur newspaper publishing. Thanks to the invention in 1868 of the table-top press, many hobbyists could afford their own press, distributing their papers locally and trading with other amateur journalists.

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