Christmas Treasures: Flip through the pages of The Children’s Friend

childrens_friend_stocking_croppedIt’s that time of year. Time to take ornaments out of boxes, shake the dust from stockings, and hang wreaths on front doors.  The holiday season is no different at AAS. santaDecember is the one month when it’s appropriate to pull out all of our wonderful Christmas treasures– after all who wants to see Santa Claus in July?  We hope you will enjoy (or bear with us) as we share these seasonal gifts from our collections.

And we’re starting big with the 1821 Children’s Friend. Curator of children’s literature, Laura Wasowicz, gives this little softcover book a heartfelt endorsement, “I never get tired of looking at it.” Read it now and check back with us next Monday for a behind-the-pages discussion with our curators.

N.B.: Clicking on the corner of any page below will turn the page, and double-clicking on one of the amazing illustrations will zoom in for a more detailed view. Hope you enjoy this treasure as much as we have!
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9 thoughts on “Christmas Treasures: Flip through the pages of The Children’s Friend

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  3. John Maruskin

    Thank you. As a dedicated Clausologist I was thrilled to be able to see “The Children’s Friend” in full. And bravo for making it accessible to everyone. You all certainly deserve socks full of excellent goodies.

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