The Acquisitions Table: Tippecanoe Banner and Spirit of Democracy

Tippecanoe Banner and Spirit of Democracy (New-Albany, IN) Oct. 15, 1840. No. 27.
Here is an example of a presidential campaign newspaper supporting the election of William Henry Harrison. The hotly contested presidential election of 1840 produced a lot of campaign newspapers produced by local newspaper offices to promote candidates and platforms. This example was published in the office of the New-Albany Gazette. It is featured here because of its spectacular masthead.

One thought on “The Acquisitions Table: Tippecanoe Banner and Spirit of Democracy

  1. Myra Armstead

    I am a historian at Bard College in upstate NY writing a weekly column of historical sketches of antebellum life in our area for a local paper, the Poughkeepsie Journal. Next week’s article deals partially with the presidential election of 1840. As the PJ would like visuals to accompany my piece, I am wondering if you would permit the newspaper to reprint the image of the Tippecanoe Banner as it appeared in the New-Albany Gazette free of charge? I would need to know your response, please, as soon as possible–ideally, no later than Monday, February 17.


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