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Graphic Arts Cataloger, American Antiquarian Society

An Antebellum Physician’s Kit


The Pike and Wright Collection, donated by Susan Pike Corcoran, has brought to AAS more than the typical materials of photographs, diaries, books, and letters. Along with the genealogical material, a collection of medical instruments used by Dr. Nathan Staples Pike (1819-1857) is now housed within the Graphic Arts Department. You might remember seeing Dr. ...

Christmas trees!

As the cataloger for AAS's Prints in the Parlor project, I've been working with gift books and annuals now for fifteen months. In that time, I've found few images that represent scenes of Christmas. This is surprising because many of the annuals were given as Christmas gifts and have titles that you would think have ...

Everyone Loves a Wedding

With all of the media buzz around the recent nuptials of Chelsea Clinton, I thought of another presidential wedding: the marriage of Nellie Grant to English aristocrat Algernon Sartoris in 1874. Eighteen year-old Nellie Grant was the only daughter of Ulysses S. and Julia Grant.  She met Sartoris, the son of the famous singer Adelaide Kemble (sister of Fanny) ...