The Acquisitions Table: Thomas Hubbard’s Commonplace Book

Hubbard, Thomas. Commonplace book, 1722-1805.

Thomas Hubbard (1702-1773) was born in Boston, the Son of Joseph and Thankfull (Brown) Hubbard. He was a successful merchant in Boston, for a time the treasurer of Harvard and also the Commissary General of the province of Massachusetts. Hubbard began to compile this commonplace book in 1722, the year following his graduation from Harvard College. The notes include brief extracts from published works on subjects such as “Riches,” “Life it’s Shortness,” “Free Will,” and “Christ’s Descent into Hell.” The volume also contains the diary of an as-yet unidentified man who lived in or near Neeedham, MA. The entries, spanning the period from 1784 to 1792, consist mostly of records of his church attendance, although there are also some entries concerning his daily activities. Gift of Stephen Gronowski in memory of Kurt Gronowski.

2 thoughts on “The Acquisitions Table: Thomas Hubbard’s Commonplace Book

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  2. Deborah

    I wonder if this Thomas was a descendant of Samuel Hubbard of 17th century Providence and Newport, RI?????? If so, he’s a cousin.


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